LKFR Directory Update

Made some changes to your book? Let's update it in the directory!

We know all about relaunching books, making changes, leaving publishers, going wide, moving to KU, and all the headaches that go with. SO…we offer updates. (Currently set at $5/book.) 

Fill out the form, we’ll change all the things. 

Be sure you’re ready with all the changes when you submit, that way it’s only the one small fee.

What can you change? 

Literally…everything and any combination of the following: 

  • Author Name (when you move to a new pen name) 
  • Title 
  • Series Name
  • POV (First or Third) 
  • POV (Single Hero, Single Heroine, Dual) 
  • Tropes 
  • Genre 
  • Setting 
  • Location
  • Heat (maybe you spiced it up or cooled it down) 

We’ll update your listing!