The Souvenir by Emma Nichols

Bestselling author Emma Nichols presents a new adult contemporary romance fans and critics are comparing to works of Jennifer Weiner. Snark and heart make The Souvenir a novel that will leave readers desperate for more.


I fell hard and fast for Brady Conner, even though I knew in my heart that he wasn’t ready for me.

Sure enough, he messed up. And I did too.

I wanted to make him regret what he’d lost.

Hence the break up sex.

It was an impulsive move for someone who failed to consider the consequences, or practice safe sex.

That’s how I ended up with a souvenir. And that’s why, as much as I wanted to, I had to be even more careful about giving bad boy Brady a second chance.


I wasn’t ready for Wren Jacobs, even though she was the best thing to happen to an ass like me.

No wonder I cracked under pressure.

She’d warned me. She’d predicted this. And she promised me just one chance.

Still, I wanted more. I wanted all of her for always. Too bad I figured that part out too late.

She moved out. And from the looks of the guy hanging around her apartment, she’d also moved on.

I couldn’t blame her, but I also couldn’t let her go without trying harder and proving I could be the man I should’ve been all along.

Then I’d move her back in and it would be just the two of us, like it was before.

Only this time, I’d make sure we were forever.

Follow Wren and Brady as they navigate through the tricky dating scene in this touching romantic comedy, and fall in love with the souvenir of their relationship.

Additional information

Author Name

Emma Nichols


Contemporary Romance

Heat level



Charlotte, NC

Point of view

First Person, Dual


Big City


Bad Boy, Secret Baby