The Fire Dancer (Cirque Macabre, Book #1) by Kristen Strassel

Sin City just got hotter…

Welcome to Cirque Macabre, where Holly Octane bursts into flames live on stage five nights a week.

Holly’s one of a kind, moving through time with the grace of her burlesque routine.

But she has no idea what she actually is. All she knows is she’s been brought to Vegas to destroy vampires. The obvious place for her to look for answers is her mysterious past, but’s the future she needs to worry about. Rainey, her fortune teller girlfriend, doesn’t see a future with Holly in it.

Blade Bennett has a power no vampire should—fire. As a new vampire, it gives him a dangerous advantage. Holly’s the only one who can help him with this power, but their feelings for each other are too fiery to ignore.

If Blade draws Holly into his world, Rainey’s prophecies will come true and she’ll have no future. But she learns she needs the vampires of the city too much to destroy them….

Las Vegas is her stage, and Holly will set the city on fire.

Additional information

Author Name

Kristen Strassel


LGBTQIA, Paranormal & Urban Fantasy

Heat level



Las Vegas, NV

Point of view

First Person, Single (Heroine)


Big City


Time Travel