Seduced by the Rogue Wolf (The Real Werewives of Sawtooth Forest, Book #4) by Kristen Strassel

The Real Werewives of Sawtooth Forest is the hottest new reality show on TV.

Each week, a Sawtooth wolf finds their forever mate.

Do you have what it takes to be a Real Werewife?

Hi, I’m Rick.

I’ve been on the run with the few remaining wolves in my pack and I’m ready to settle down. There’s a lot riding on this Sawtooth assignment.

But when I meet a blue-haired she-wolf who’s totally out of my league, I wonder if I’m too wolf for her, or not wolf enough. But if I can’t keep her safe, I might lose her and my chance at a place to call home.

Hi, I’m Luna

I’m one of the Sawtooth she-wolves that got sold into marriage, but I refused to honor my contract. Now the contracts are illegal, I came back to become a Real Werewife of Sawtooth Forest.

When I meet an adorable yet fierce wolf who’s willing to let me be free, I start thinking I belong here. But when my past comes back to haunt me, I’ve put him and everyone else in love in danger. I have what it takes to be a RealWerewife, but do I have what it takes to be Sawtooth pack?

Additional information

Author Name

Kristen Strassel


Paranormal & Urban Fantasy

Heat level



Sawtooth Forest, ID

Point of view

First Person, Dual




Alpha Hero