Her Spellbound Wolf (Sawtooth Shifters, Book #5) by Kristen Strassel

A rogue Montana wolf is trying to lay claim to Dallas Channing, but she’s not his fated mate. It’s a human who sets his heart on fire, and he’ll risk his very soul to make her his.

Lyssie has been left by everyone she’s ever loved. Now she’s working at Forever Home and her new year’s resolution is to create a future for herself…one where the people she loves never leave her.

But when Dallas gets bitten by a rogue wolf and inflicted with Full Moon Fever, Lyssie has the chance to cure not only him but save the Sawtooth pack from falling into the wrong hands…but can she trust that Dallas is the one who will stay, even as she fights to hold him against the pull of the Fever?

Note from Kristen: Her Spellbound Wolf was originally published as Shelter Me.

Additional information

Author Name

Kristen Strassel


Paranormal & Urban Fantasy

Heat level



Sawtooth Forest, ID

Point of view

First Person, Dual


Small Town


Alpha Hero, BBW