Destined to the Pride (Colorado Shifters, Book #4) by Kristen Strassel

Don’t miss the conclusion of the Colorado Shifters series!

Leo’s pride will stop at nothing to get their point across. They want Daphne dead.

As a doe, Daphne can’t physically challenge the cougars who want her gone. But Leo is worth fighting for, and she’s determined to find a place they can call home. Daphne’s herd won’t recognize their relationship either.

Leo’s twin brother has his sights set on Mount Deception to start a pride of their own. Unsure if she can trust him, Daphne must trust her instincts. It’s an untamed place that might be the perfect place for Leo and Daphne to start over, but not all the shifters on the mountain are happy about working with outsiders.

Leo will do whatever it takes to find his new mate a place she can call home.

Additional information

Author Name

Kristen Strassel


Paranormal & Urban Fantasy

Heat level



Woodland Park, CO

Point of view

First Person, Single (Heroine)




Accidental Pregnacy, Alpha Hero