Claimed by the Rogue Wolf (The Real Werewives of Sawtooth Forest, Book #1) by Kristen Strassel

The Real Werewives of Sawtooth Forest is the hottest new reality show on TV.

Each week, a Sawtooth wolf finds their forever mate.

Do you have what it takes to be a Real Werewife?

Meet the contestants:

Hi, I’m Jasmine.

The last thing I ever expected was to be on a dating reality show. Everyone thinks I’m crazy to give a mysterious wolf a chance, but when he claims I’m his mate, something tells me he might be right. The Real Werewives originally came to Sawtooth Forest to help film animal adoption videos, but instead they capture my love story with Marcus…but can he keep me safe against a pack that wants revenge?

Hi, I’m Marcus.

I’d been captured by an enemy pack, and now they expect me to help them take Jasmine prisoner. Like hell I’ll do that. Claiming her is my chance at freedom, and a chance to work with her pack for a better life.

But that also means taking part in The Real Werewives of Sawtooth Forest. Having cameras follow my every move is a shock after so much time in the shadows, but they might be our secret weapon when my old alpha refuses to let me move on.

Additional information

Author Name

Kristen Strassel


Paranormal & Urban Fantasy

Heat level



Sawtooth Forest, ID

Point of view

First Person, Dual




Enemies to Lovers