Birds of Prey in Love: Paranormal Dating Agency (Mating Auction Book 2) by Terri A. Wilson

Forgiveness is hard to give but even harder to accept.

Forgiveness is hard to give but even harder to accept.

Ruby Jameson never expected to find love or success. No one ever believed in her, so why should she? It didn’t matter that she had a brain for computers and created untraceable ways to hack into any system. She was born on the wrong side of the tracks and should have stayed there. But she wanted more. College gave her an opportunity to see a world she never knew existed. A world that centered around the love of her life.

Avery Sullivan lived a happy life and grew up believing the best in people. Her family gave her the encouragement she needed to achieve all of her goals. But there was always one thing missing; a mate. When she met Ruby, she knew she had met her mate. But Ruby broke her heart and shattered her perfect world. Now, she’s put all of that behind her and created a world that is missing the most important part.

When a chance meeting with Gerri Wilder, owner of the Paranormal Dating Agency and incredible matchmaker, brings these two owl shifters back together, they will struggle with letting go of their pride and open their heart enough to give love a second chance.

Additional information

Author Name

Terri A. Wilson


LGBTQIA, Paranormal & Urban Fantasy

Heat level


Point of view

Third Person, Dual


Small Town


Fated Mates