Seven Promises (Seven Seconds Series, Book #2) by April Moran

I’m the good guy with the dirty mouth…

We fell in love on the night tragedy struck.
Olivia and I made promises. Secret promises that protect us and others from the truth. Truth that could destroy Seven Seconds. We’re in a tangled web of love, lust, and lies. We can’t keep our hands off each other. Can’t stop kissing each other.
I hope I’m strong enough when I break each promise.
Because I don’t want to face a life without Olivia in it.

We fell in love at the wrong time.
Promises were made. And they were kept under threat of heartache. For a while, anyway. Turns out we aren’t strong enough to stay away from each other. I can’t stop thinking about him. Can’t stop wanting him.
I hope Dylan breaks each promise we made that night. Breaks them all for me. For him.
For us.

Promises, promises…
Friendships might be ruined. Careers smashed to bits. People could be hurt. But this attraction we share? It’s too strong to resist. Is our love strong enough to survive when the truth comes out?
It only takes seven broken promises to find out.

Additional information

Author Name

April Moran


New Adult

Heat level



Nashville, TN

Point of view

First Person, Dual




Forbidden Love, Rockstar, Second Chance, Small Town