The Gentlemen's Club: A Darkly Sensual Victorian Tale (Noire Book 1) by Emmanuelle de Maupassant

The Gentlemen’s Club’ is a darkly sensual romance.

A woman with a scandalous secret
Within the secret chambers of London’s most decadent club, where the ruling elite indulge every vice, she finds freedom and pleasure by bringing those who would dominate into submission.

A man who never expected to lose control
Lord Henry McCaulay views women with disdain. That is, until he meets the enigmatic Mademoiselle Noire, the alluring hostess at his club, who both fascinates and infuriates him.

As games of power draw Henry and Mademoiselle Noire together, their liaison leads to reckless passion and the risk of scandal.

Each enthralling encounter confirms his hunger to possess her, as thoroughly as she has claimed him – in body and soul.

Can physical desire transform into the ultimate surrender, and the unmasking of love?

Additional information

Author Name

Emmanuelle de Maupassant


Erotic Romance, Historical Romance

Heat level

Super Steamy/Erotica



Point of view

Third Person, Dual


Big City


Alpha Hero, Enemies to Lovers, Forbidden Love