Master of the Moor: De Wolfe Pack Connected World by Emmanuelle de Maupassant

A man tortured by brutal memories…A woman determined to safeguard her liberty…

After more than twenty years in exile, Mallon de Wolfe—formidable, handsome, and with a shard of ice where his heart should be—is returning to Dartmoor.

A place vast, barren and perilous. A place where secrets refuse to remain buried.

Mallon has vowed to conquer the betrayals of his youth but faces new danger as his attraction grows for the mysterious Countess Rosseline.

Haunted by scandal and the shame of her bloodline, the newly-widowed Countess is without scruples. She needs a husband capable of securing her status, even if it means resorting to deceit and entrapment.

Is Mallon’s desire for her too intoxicating to be denied, no matter what the price—and can either escape the poisonous dominion of their past?

Additional information

Author Name

Emmanuelle de Maupassant


Historical Romance, Erotic Romance


Bad Boy, Enemies to Lovers, Erotic Romance

Heat level



Dartmoor, England


Small Town

Point of view

Third Person, Dual