Three Wishes (Dreams Come True Book 3) by Emma Nichols

Three people. Three wishes. One chance to make all their dreams come true.

He Was Responsible For Making A Dying Girl’s Wish Come True
With his gift for storytelling and his degree in film making, his plan had always been to see the world. A semester from finishing his graduate degree, Ben was assigned to make a dying girl’s wish come true. If he could hold it together, he might just fulfill one of his own. The problem was he’d never been good with kids and even less comfortable with beautiful women like the girl’s mother.

˃˃˃ She Just Wanted Her Baby To Live
Life hadn’t been easy for Charlie. When she refused to have an abortion she was kicked out of her parent’s house and dumped by her boyfriend. Now, six years later, Charlie’s daughter had leukemia and all she wanted was the same thing she’d wanted since she took the pregnancy test so long ago: for her baby to live.

˃˃˃ A Girl’s Dying Wish
After two long years of ineffective treatment, Olivia had one last wish: to leave a legacy for her mother. As she worked on the documentary with Ben, it seemed to be working and Olivia felt better than she had in a very long time. Then the father she’d never met showed up.

Additional information

Author Name

Emma Nichols


Contemporary Romance


Billionaire, Fairytale, Single Mom/Dad

Heat level

Open Door Sex


Big City

Point of view

First Person, Dual


Montreal, Quebec