This Is Fate (The Fated Loves Series, Book #1) by Zee Irwin

There was only one label for what we had: Fate.

Maddie McComber:  The one rule I lived by since I started tending bar at the new pub was a rule I devised to protect myself from jerks who liked to hit on me, as if serving them drinks with a smile made me the easiest target for their pleasure. My rule was firm: I did not, under any circumstances, sleep with the regulars. The last thing I needed was a man derailing my career trajectory in law, especially since I had one year to go until graduation day from Harvard. I worked my you know what off, and the rule served me well to start, until fate put someone in my path who attracted me like a magnet. It figured that it was only a matter of time until this happened, when a man charmed me and possessed a magnetic field that was unavoidable.

Daniel Jones: I didn’t do relationships thanks to plenty of experience I had with the painful side of love. The way my dad cheated on Ma. The way my ex cheated on me. All reminders of why I couldn’t pursue the gorgeous woman behind the bar. Maybe I was a good catch on paper, but my heart sheltered in place and life was simpler that way. Besides, a woman like Maddie deserved better than me. She deserved the romantic labels of relationship and girlfriend, and a guy who would bend the earth in half for her just so she could walk across it. I knew I didn’t have that in me. Did I? But when trouble struck at the pub and Maddie needed someone, I was there for her. I couldn’t ignore how she looked at me like I was her savior—and how much I lived for that. It complicated things.

On second thought, maybe the word complicated was the perfect label for whatever this was between us.

Additional information

Author Name

Zee Irwin


Contemporary Romance

Heat level

Open Door Sex



Point of view

First Person, Dual


Big City


Billionaire, Friends to Lovers, May-December (Older Man / Younger Woman)