The Rocks Duet: Fake Rocks & Real Rocks (a fake relationship rockstar romance) by Julie Archer

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Saff Barnes should come with a warning label: stay away from bad boys.

Fake Rocks

At least that’s what her manager says when he threatens to cancel her recording contract. Apparently, her affinity for trouble is the reason why she’s making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

To appease her manager, she teams up with her builder’s nephew, the clean-cut Tris Judd, to present an acceptable picture of fake respectability to the world.

And, just like that, her former sinful image is erased.

As the lines between pretend and reality become blurred, the couple soon find fake isn’t fake if you fall in love for real.

But when Saff discovers Tris is hiding a dark secret from his past, it appears the truth may end up derailing her heart – and her career – once and for all.

Real Rocks

When Saff’s band is handed a gilt-edged opportunity to go on tour with the current darlings of the indie rock world, little does she realise how bad lead singer Scott Lincoln can really be.

Haunted by a past mistake and tormented by a blackmailer, getting away is exactly what Saff thinks she needs.

A fake post of Scott’s goes viral, threatening Saff and Tris’s relationship as the channels of communication between them become fractured.

But just as hearts are mended, another bombshell jeopardises their future once more.

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Author Name

Julie Archer


Contemporary Romance

Heat level

Open Door Sex

Point of view

First Person, Dual


Big City