The Gamble (The Players Book 3) by Emma Nichols

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When you’re down on your luck, love may be the biggest gamble of all.

Billionaire bachelor Drew Morgan has effectively managed to avoid responsibility his entire life, right up to the last ninety days which were spent in rehab, playing the game until he could be released. Afraid of dying sad and alone, he’d fought to stay numb and free of emotions, until he met Talia Bartek who made him want to embrace his feelings…and her.

As a sometimes blackjack dealer, Talia knew a little something about playing with the hand you’re dealt in life. This DREAMer was brought to America as a child, but without the help of a lawyer, she could be sent back to Poland by the government.

For Talia, being Drew’s sobriety coach could change her finances. For Drew, staying sober could change his life. Together they could have everything they’ve always wanted, but for one problem.

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Author Name

Emma Nichols


Contemporary Romance



Heat level

Open Door Sex


Big City

Point of view

First Person, Dual


Las Vegas, NV