The Fiance Agreement: A Curvy Girl and Fake Fiancé Romance (The Wrights, Book #4) by McKenna Rogue

Meet the Wrights. 13 Siblings. Movie star parents. Love and Chaos at its best.

Helena’s younger sister is getting married
And family and friends won’t stop making comments about her perpetual singleness
Miserable and annoyed she tries to think of a solution or an escape

I find her sitting on the hot sand
And after months of barely drawing, I can’t seem to draw her fast enough
She’s a beautiful butterfly begging to be immortalized on a canvas
But the more I get to know her, the more I realize she is so much more

We conspire to go to her sister’s wedding,
With her wearing my ring, even if it is a farce
How could I say no to a chance to spend more time with her
Kissing, touching, making her feel like the muse she is?

As the wedding weekend comes to an end,
The lines are blurred and it’s not all fake
Maybe we didn’t start out traditionally, but there’s something more between us
And I’m no longer pretending
As far as I’m concerned, she’s mine.

Gio and Helena’s steamy romance is an interconnected, standalone and the fourth book in The Wrights series.

Additional information

Author Name

McKenna Rogue


Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Heat level



Tuscany, Italy

Point of view

First Person, Dual




BBW, Fake Engagement, Scars / Tortured, Stranded/Trapped, Ugly Duckling