Tangled Up In You (Rogue Series Book 1) by Lara Ward Cosio

Tangled Up In You is a second-chance rock star romance full of addictive angst. Gavin and Sophie’s epic love story starts here and continues through the now complete Rogue Series.

There’s always that one person you just can’t get over.

For Gavin, it’s his high school love, Sophie. Being with her again is impossible, though. She’s moved on, now a college student in California. And he’s on the cusp of worldwide fame as the lead singer of Rogue.

They had their chance but it’s over.

Still, he can’t shake the feeling that she’s his one. The only one who ever really soothed his tortured soul.

So, why does he screw up their chance reunion? Even he can admit that self-sabotage seems to be a recurring part of his life.

But, at the same time, he knows one disastrous meeting won’t be the end of them. Because they are each other’s missing piece. They are only ever complete when they’re fitted together.

All he has to do is convince her to hold on tight because even though his rock n’ roll life is a roller coaster ride of incredible highs and shocking lows, in the end, it’ll all be worth it.

It has to be.

Additional information

Author Name

Lara Ward Cosio


Contemporary Romance

Heat level

Open Door Sex


Dublin, Ireland, Los Angeles, USA, New York,USA

Point of view

Third Person, Dual


Big City


Rockstar, Second Chance