Sex & the Single Dad (Single Dads Club - Book 3) by Emma Nichols

One secret baby. One single dad. One shot at redemption.

One secret baby. One single dad. One shot at redemption.


They called me a rock god, but from where I stood, I looked like a huge loser. My career had always meant everything to me. Music was my life, until I met Lauryn. Though I never planned to get serious, I fell hard, and for no good reason, she suddenly disappeared. Somehow, she had become the music in my life and without her, everything was meaningless. Then I spotted Lauryn at a wedding, and three things happened. I sang her our song to show I loved her still, I learned we had a son, and through some terrible divine intervention, I had one more chance to make everything right.


On the rare occasion Tradd shared his thoughts and feelings, it came in the form of a song. Through music, I’d learned he might claim to love me, but he wasn’t ready to settle down. Obviously, I never planned to get pregnant, but when I found out I was, I ran before he could disappoint me. Despite how much I missed him, I’ve done okay being alone, raising our baby, even building a life on the other side of the country. Then when I saw him again, three things happened: we had sex on my desk, I told him about our son, and then I ran again.

Everything happens in threes, but he only needed a second chance to make his first love last forever.

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Contemporary Romance

Heat level



Las Vegas, NV

Point of view

First Person, Dual


Big City, Holiday/Vacation Retreat


Rockstar, Second Chance, Secret Baby, Single Mom/Dad