Second Chances (Dreams Come True Book 2) by Emma Nichols

Can He Convince Her To Give Him A Chance? Is She Willing To Give Him One?

For As Long As Sebastian Could Remember, He Had Been Cursed
It began with the tragic death of his parents when he inherited the modern art gallery. It continued every day when he looked in the mirror and saw a monster where a man should be. He’d tried everything without success. Then he happened upon her, his cure, the one who could give him a second chance at life, love and happiness.

˃˃˃ It Started As The Perfect Job, But Became Much More Complicated
After years of repairing what her father destroyed during his drunken rampages, opening a shop for repurposed and redesigned furniture seemed a natural progression for Marisa. When Sebastian hired her, she finally had a chance to get paid to do what she’d done for years for free. It seemed like a win, until he proposed.

˃˃˃ Can He Convince Her To Give Him A Chance? Is She Willing To Give Him One?
The moment they met, Sebastian was drawn to her. Of course, losing everything in thirty days if he didn’t marry was a huge incentive. So he asked and she refused. An experienced negotiator, he never gave up when he had his heart set on something. For Marisa, marriage wasn’t on the table and love wasn’t negotiable. Still, always quick to see the best in others, she looked at him and saw a project, her ultimate redesign. Maybe even Sebastian deserved a second chance.

Additional information

Author Name

Emma Nichols


Contemporary Romance


Billionaire, Fairytale, Opposites Attract, Scars / Tortured

Heat level

Open Door Sex


Big City

Point of view

First Person, Dual


Montreal, Quebec