Roping the Reluctant Rancher (Love in the Rockies, Book #1) by Larissa Gail

Jenna is at a crossroads in her life. On a whim she takes a job on a cattle ranch in Colorado as the new cook and housekeeper. Unfortunately, when she discovers the handsome, yet grumpy rancher who she’d bumped into twice the day before is her new boss, she has another decision to make—stay and put up with his grouchiness and hope for the best or leave and go on her merry way?

Logan doesn’t want or need another woman in his life. Not after being burned so badly before. Only problem is he can’t seem to take his eyes off the ranch’s newest employee. And with her sweet temperament and tempting curves taunting him every time she’s near, how is he supposed to resist being roped in to love again?

Roping the Reluctant Rancher is intended for mature readers.

Additional information

Author Name

Larissa Gail


Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Heat level



Gunnison, Colorado

Point of view

Third Person, Dual




Alpha Hero, Boss, Cowboy, Scars / Tortured, Small Town