Revel: A Bad Boy falling for the Good Girl Romance (Curvy Seduction Saga, Book #5) by Aidy Award

I’ve been Angelina’s bodyguard for years and in lust with her since the day we met. When she finally kicks her stupid fiancé to the curb I’ve got a chance to finally make her mine.
But I won’t be her rebound.
I will help her find that dark desirable side of herself. Even if means sacrificing everything.

Revel is a prequel story to the Curvy Seduction Saga told from Gray’s point of view. Gray tells his part of the story from when he first met Angel as her bodyguard and includes his first sacrifice for love in book one of the Saga – Rebound.

Additional information

Author Name

Aidy Award


Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Heat level

Super Steamy/Erotica


Ney York City, NY

Point of view

First Person, Single (Hero)


Big City


Alpha Hero, Bad Boy, BBW, Military, Scars / Tortured