Rebellion (Curvy Seduction Saga, Book #2) by Aidy Award

She’s going to push his buttons. He’s going to push her over the edge.

Angelina: Gray has opened up a whole new world for me. A dirty, kinky, sexy world.
He thinks he’s doing what’s best for me. He lets other men touch me, but he won’t.
Screw that.
I want him to take charge.
If he won’t… I might have to find someone who will.

Gray: Angel wants me to teach her, take her, tame her.
She thinks she knows what kink is. I’m dying to show her what submission really means.
I’ll never forgive myself if I break her.
I may have to leave her, to save her…from me.

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Additional information

Author Name

Aidy Award


Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Heat level

Super Steamy/Erotica


Austin, New York

Point of view

First Person, Single (Heroine)


Big City


Alpha Hero, Bad Boy, BBW, Military, Scars / Tortured