Line Tree Hill (A Reluctant Kiss, Book #1) by Frances Cowie

He needs a wife. She needs a safe haven. What could possibly go right?

The very week Tayla Whitman dumps one slightly used ivory silk wedding gown at the charity store, Mitchel Harrington asks her to marry him.

The guy double-crossed her once. Hell will freeze over before she lets him do it again.

And yet…

With her dignity in tatters and her parents’ livelihood at stake, options are thin on the ground.

Mitch might have built a highly successful organic orchard from his grandfather’s legacy, but he doesn’t always get it right. Like his offer to buy the neighboring property on a drunken handshake, for instance.

Could a fake marriage to the beautiful but aloof girl next door save her parents from financial ruin and keep his reputation intact?

There’s only one way to find out.

One reluctant kiss would never be enough.

Additional information

Author Name

Frances Cowie


Contemporary Romance

Heat level

Open Door Sex


New Zealand

Point of view

Third Person, Dual




Enemies to Lovers, Marriage of Convenience, Virgin