Ellis Montgomery (The Yellow Meadows Series, Book #1) by Amy Oliveira

His jaw alone could make a woman lose her cool. I mean literally his jaw, I’m not even talking about his delicious brown hair, his amazing dark eyes, his beard like you wouldn’t believe and arms so strong you wonder how they’d look from underneath him while he held the headboard… Er, never mind…

Imagine if you gather a bunch of misfits:

The ring leader is a single mother by choice with money problems and a sailor mouth.

Then comes her teen daughter who knew the words of Pour Some Sugar on Me by the age of three.

Add two idiots of best friends.

And to top it off? The hottest actor in Hollywood.

It’s not easy to be Ellis Montgomery. She’s the juggler of bills extraordinaire, the best mother of London P and a jack of all trades. The days are long and the curses are many.

Ellis and Emmet are the perfect disaster, an unconventional romance between two people who met in the most unlikely circumstances.

Of course Ellis is struggling with life, but guess what? She’s an eternal optimist and a grade A bullshitter.

Additional information

Author Name

Amy Oliveira


Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy

Heat level




Point of view

First Person, Dual


Small Town


Billionaire, Opposites Attract, Single Mom/Dad, Small Town