Accidental Groom (Accidental Love, Book #1) by Dana Mason

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Bad boy. Player. Commitment-phobe. Husband?

I’m Mac. But you already know that, right? You probably recognize my voice… I’m the radio host with a f***-me-now baritone who sends a shiver down your spine when you sip your morning coffee – along with the rest of Sacramento’s female population. If there’s one other thing you should know about me, it’s that I’m a lone wolf. Hell yeah, I get my fair share of the ladies. Plural. But I’ve never been a one-woman man. Not since my last screwed-up relationship. Not since the drama, the guilt, that has haunted me ever since. These days, there’s only so much hurt I’m willing to give or take. On the outside, I might seem perfect: blue eyes, built, a brave, alpha attitude. But every day is another battle with my demons. A struggle to stay afloat. And yeah, that fight’s a whole lot safer on my own. For everyone.

But then I saw Kelley. She was alone, crying at the bus-stop. From that moment, I knew she needed me. I knew I needed her. Full, sexy lips. Long chestnut hair. A dancer’s body. She’s a work of art. Next thing, our clothes are lying in a heap around us. She’s moaning in my arms. She’s screaming my name. She’s shivering in pleasure. Before I know it, we’re waking up naked. Except on my left-hand is a shiny, gold ring. Kelley’s not just a hot-as-hell one-night stand. She’s my wife.

I can’t deny that I’m glad she’s mine. But I’m not husband material. Knowing my track record, I’m bound to screw things up. What’s worse… It turns out there’s something she’s not telling me. She’s battling her own heartbreak and tragedy seems to follow her around. Her walls are up, and it’s going to be one hell of a challenge to crash them down. The odds are well and truly stacked against us. So this thing can’t last, can it? Even if I want it to…

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Dana Mason


Contemporary Romance

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First Person, Dual


Big City


Bad Boy, Fling, Playboy