Cedar Ridge (Cedar Ridge Series, Book #1) by Maris Parker

Sometimes the Universe has a weird sense of humor.

What else could account for Jessica Hayes ending up stranded in a tiny northwestern Wyoming town without her cell phone or credit cards? All she’s ever wanted is to prove she could be an asset to her father and his company. She’s so determined to get her rightful inheritance that she even accepted a marriage proposal from Warner, the man her father is grooming to take over the family business. But Warner wants a behind-the-scenes wife, not a business partner, and leaving Jessica behind in Cedar Ridge is just the beginning of what he’ll do to get what he wants.

The last thing Jared McKendrick needs is a damsel in distress. Still burning from his fiancée dumping him for another—richer—guy, all his attention and every spare moment is dedicated to keeping his family’s ranch running, profitable, and out of the hands of the aggressive developer who’s been buying up all the property around Cedar Ridge. But then his mother up and offers Jessica the use of their phone and a place to stay, and neither of them have a clue that it’s Jessica’s father who is trying to push them out of their family home.

Warner is doing his damnedest to keep Jessica out of his way, but the real monkey wrench in the works is the growing attraction between Jared and Jessica. Can she convince Jared to sell the ranch before he realizes who she really is? Can she do it without falling for him completely? Can Jared figure out a way to keep his ranch and convince her to stay? Will it be Warner or the Universe who gets the last laugh?

Additional information

Author Name

Maris Parker


Clean & Sweet Romance, Romantic Comedy

Heat level

Fade to Black/Closed Door Sex



Point of view

Third Person, Dual




Cowboy, Fish out of water, Opposites Attract, Small Town, Stranded/Trapped