An Unexpected Forever by Joanne Dannon

A world of differences, an unexpected forever.

My grandparents have raised and cared for me, and are highly respected in the Melbourne Orthodox Jewish community. I will never do anything to hurt or upset them after the love they have given me since I was five years old.

They gave me the freedom to travel and work overseas but now it’s time for me to find a husband they approve of. Look at them, so happily married after their parents introduced them.

But now I’ve met Daniel Tam and he’s so wrong for me. Different religion. Different culture. Different city.

But I’ve fallen for him, big time, and he loves me. But I need to do the right thing by my family. . .and so does he.

Our differences leave us worlds apart. I don’t know how a gulf so big can be crossed, and for us to be together. We both love our families and don’t want to disrespect them. How I wish there was a way we could seize that unexpected forever.

If you love forbidden romance where the hero and heroine have a clash of cultures, then this is the book for you. Download your copy of this sweet romance now.

Additional information

Author Name

Joanne Dannon


Clean & Sweet Romance, Multicultural & Interracial

Heat level

Sweet / Clean


Australia, Hong Kong

Point of view

Third Person, Dual


Big City


Fish out of water, Forbidden Love, Opposites Attract, Virgin