In the book world, it’s not uncommon to see more than one book with the same title. We decided to take a few days to feature some of our favorite book twins. 

Today, we’re looking at Highest Bidder books…

The Blue Butterfly was a club for extreme pleasure.
But I wasn’t there for pleasure…I’d come to sell my virginity. To the Highest Bidder


Since Dad died and left us high and dry things have just got worse and worse for Mom and me. Unless we find enough money to pay my fees I’m going to be kicked out of college, and even worse my mom is about to become homeless.

I didn’t know what to do, how I could help. I felt completely out of options, until my friend told me I could auction my virginity for thousands of dollars to the highest bidder at a secretive club frequented by billionaires called the Blue Butterfly.

I’ve been saving myself for that elusive once-in-a-lifetime great romance, and that ‘special man’, but I realize now that is just a childish dream. Truth is I’m probably going to lose my virginity to some jerk who will not appreciate it, anyway.

I’d much rather save my mother from more humiliation.
So I applied to the Blue Butterfly, and to my surprise they accepted me.

I thought I knew what to expect. A billionaire who looked like Warren Buffet, or George Soros.

But NOTHING could have prepared me for…my highest bidder.
A full length steamy and emotional standalone romance with HEA


Lauren Landish and Willow Winters have an entire Highest Bidder Collection! 

Four must-read sexy and contemporary romances in one collection.

AMAZON TOP 100 best selling series available in one collection for a LIMITED time!
Includes all four, full-length, stand-alone romances in the Highest Bidder series: Bought, Sold, Owned and Given. Featuring demanding, rich, and powerful men all with happily ever afters and no cliffhangers.

Everything has a price … and I’m willing to pay.

I own her for now. She’s mine for an entire month.
But a month isn’t long enough for what I want to do with her. I don’t care what the contract says. I bought her and now she’s mine.

Dive into the series readers can’t stop talking about! All four titles included in one collection. Enjoy!


Paige North has a Highest Bidder Serial…

One night. How bad could it be?

One night with Devin Adler—beautifully chiseled wolf of Wall Street, handsome enough to melt off a woman’s panties. He would take my virginity, I’d go home a hundred grand richer.

It couldn’t be that simple, could it? I couldn’t just auction off my innocence to a billionaire who wanted to use me as his plaything, and escape unscathed.

But somehow I convinced myself that I’d gotten away with it, that things really could work out. Even after Devin Adler branded me with his fire, even after I knew what it meant to scream his name again and again, even after I’d lain in his arms feeling safer and warmer than I’d ever felt. I started to think that all of this was real, and that I would never pay for my sins.

Until it all came crumbling down.

Turns out the problem wasn’t selling my virginity for a quick buck.

Turns out the real problem was everything that came after…

Heather Young-Nichols’ Highest Bidder is the first book in her Gambling on Love Series…

My plan for the future is falling apart. What’s this virgin to do?

I’ve never wanted to live the same life as my mother. So when my scholarship fund disappears and I’m desperate not to leave college, putting my virginity on the auction block is the only thing I can do.

But life is never easy and Cain Dorsey, the perfect boyfriend who has no idea what it’s like to struggle financially, entering my life makes everything so much harder. Him finding out my plan might be too much for him to take.

When the winning bid comes in, I’m faced with an impossible choice: convince Cain that this is my only chance to stay in school and with him or give up my dream.

Will I lose Cain or can I really have it all?

Check back Friday for more Book Twins!


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