Want to find more readers?

Meet My Next Book Boyfriend!

We know what it’s like when you’re trying to get more eyes on your books.

Have you ever felt like if readers could just get the true picture of what was going on behind that gorgeous cover, they’d love what you wrote?

What about that frustration you feel when you can’t quite find the right words to help readers find you in the search?

We can help!

We’ve designed My Next Book Boyfriend with the author and reader in mind.

Maybe you’ve heard this:

“I prefer books written in the first person.”

“I only read books written in third person.”

“I’d love to read some Chicago mafia stories.”

“Does anyone know a romance, dark, alpha hero, set in London?”

This is where My Next Book Boyfriend comes in!

We’ve designed a directory for readers so they can find the romance books they’ve been DYING to read.

We’re talking about searching by…

  • Genre
  • Tropes
  • POV (First or Third)
  • POV (Single Heroine, Single Hero, Dual)
  • Setting (Big City, Small Town, Beach, Lake, Mountains, etc.)
  • And then add in a specific location…like Chicago, or NYC, or Paris…
  • PLUS >> Heat level. So they can decide how clean/sweet to steamy they want to get.

**PLEASE NOTE: We’re not Amazon. There’s no dungeon. Be honest about how naughty or nice you write. We’re just helping you get found! (And hopefully bought then read…)

Intrigued? Try out our search features.

Ready to get listed? Here's what you need to know:


  1. We charge a ONE TIME FEE for listing the book. (Currently set at $10/book.)
  2. We offer packages so that those with a HUGE backlist can save some money.
  3. We know all about relaunching books, making changes, leaving publishers, going wide, moving to KU, and all the headaches that go with. SO…we offer updates. (Currently set at $5/book.) Fill out the form, change all the things, one charge. Be sure you’re ready with all the changes when you submit, that way it’s only the one small fee.
  4. Every year as we approach the anniversary of your listing(s), we’ll charge $5/book that you want to remain on the website. Why? Simple. Sometimes authors delist books. This way, our site stays up to date. ALSO…the more books we list, the more we’ll be charged for hosting the website. This helps pay for the server.
  5. Want to benefit from the multi-book packages, but not ready to list all your books? You can sign up for our credit system. This works like the image credits at a stock photo library. You can buy 2, 6, 10, 14 or 20 credits and then use the credits to either add books (2 credits), update a book listing (1 credit) or add your custom author page (3 credits).

The Marketing Plan

We know that there’s more to a directory than just just having a bunch of books on a website. You’re probably wondering about our plans for driving traffic, our plans for growth…basically, the marketing and how it can help you.

  1. We’re going to maximize the blog on this site. We’ve created an editorial calendar for posting Monday through Friday, with occasional specials on weekends. We’re going to share these blog posts through our newsletter, and social media platforms.
  2. We’ll have a newsletter feature for Love Kissed for Readers five days per week with the blog posts! This is completely optional, but we have an editorial calendar of topics like…12 Romance Reads for Summer, 17 New Releases for Your TBR, 13 Newly Completed Series Ready to Binge… You get the idea. These are an additional charge: currently $5, limited number of slots. This pays for our social media manager who will be running (and running ads on) our Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook Group.
  3. We already have a robust newsletter. This is what we’ve been doing since January 1, 2016. We keep the bargains newsletter lean and mean, but this one…we have other plans and different server.
  4. We already have a decent sized Facebook group of over 3k…before we even came up with this plan. Now we’re changing the focus and increasing the engagement.
  5. We’re open to additional ideas, but unlike Love Kissed FREEBIES, Love Kissed Book Bargains (with a $2.99 limit) and Love Kissed KU (which means your book must be in KU), there are no price limits. We’ll feature wide. We’ll share your audiobook link. And we’re offering ways to promote your backlist.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When do credits expire? 

Never! You can have credits in your account to use at a later date. These credits are good for Updating a Listing, Adding a Listing, and Creating a Custom Author Page. 

Are there metrics?

This is one of the updates we’re working to implement. We should know more soon…

Our Story

Love Kissed Books LLC has been in business since January 1, 2016. We started out as a romance newsletter blast service. From there, we grew into promotions, group coaching, one-on-one coaching, planners, mini courses, premade concepts, custom concepts, plotting consults, social media content calendars, white glove service (where we manage your social media for you), a membership site (memes for posting), author journals (sprinting and plotting), and newsletter automations.

Why so many options?

We love to help authors grow and it takes a lot of services and products to meet their ever changing needs.

What does this prove?

We know how to adapt and pivot.

Why does this matter?

Well, that’s how the directory began.

See, an author sent us an email and asked that we change her listing. After multiple emails back and forth, we realized she thought we already had this directory. And I began to wonder…why didn’t we? Was it even possible?

This is how Love Kissed for Readers was born.

Oh, but that was only the beginning of our directory. 

See, this had to be bigger than Love Kissed. 

So, we researched keywords. Want to know what romance book world term has been search 324 MILLION times on TikTok? 


And that’s how Love Kissed for Readers became My Next Book Boyfriend. After all, if we were going to become an app, we needed to think big, like 324 MILLION book lovers kind of big. 

You write the book. We’ll romance the readers. Together, we’ll help them find their next book boyfriend.